0.15mm to 3.0mm PET Sheet (APET / PETG/ GAG Sheet)

  • 0.15mm to 3.0mm PET Sheet  (APET / PETG/ GAG Sheet)
  • 0.15mm to 3.0mm PET Sheet  (APET / PETG/ GAG Sheet)
  • 0.15mm to 3.0mm PET Sheet  (APET / PETG/ GAG Sheet)

0.15mm to 3.0mm PET Sheet (APET / PETG/ GAG Sheet)

By using moulds, PET sheets can be made into clamshell for clothes packing. We can make it with anti-static character for Electronic Parts Packing.

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Product Details of Pet Sheet

Product Detail
Size : Sheet or Roll Format As Customized
Color : Transparent,Colorful According to sample or by Pantone
Surface:glossy , Matte

Prouduct Range ( Produced by Extrude )

 DENSITY    1.35


• PET is a degradable environmentally friendly packaging material .Non-toxic ,No problem for food packing .

• No damage caused of packing .
• Easy for processing due to good plasticity ,suitable for die cutting,vacuum forming and folding .
• Certificate: SGS
• Important item: We can make it with anti-stastic character for Electronic Parts Packing .


• It can be processed into trays of different shapes by vacuum thermal forming .

• It can be formed into different kinds of shaped by moulds ,which can be made into covers for clothes packing .

• It can be used for printing ,box window ,stationery and so on .

Production Line

we have 7 plants for various plastic production, over 40 producing lines totally, with both Calender and Extrusion technologies, intelligent and automatic producing and quality-control system, ISO certificated.

PET film/sheet : ( the production process is the same as PVC film/sheet)

1. Preparing softened and melted PVC material, Feeding the melted plastic material into calender, so that the material is gradually calendered to be a (sheet) having a desired thickness;  

2. Sending the film (sheet) material into a water bath tank;  

3. Sending the cooled flexible plastic film (sheet) to pass a water removing equipment in which more than one soft rubber roller and metal roller cooperate with other supplemental water removing means;

4. Sending the plastic film (sheet) coming out of the water removing equipment to pass a series of heating rollers coated with water-absorbent material;

5. Winding up the plastic film (sheet) into rolls


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