BOPET film is a polyester film that is made into a multifunctional polyester film by stretching polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in its two main directions Engineering film, the film has high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties and electrical insulation.

BOPET film makes many aspects of our modern life possible by providing key functions for end markets such as consumer electronics, automobiles, green energy, and medical equipment. However, so far, the biggest use of BOPET film is in flexible packaging structures, and its unique characteristics make it a pillar for the construction of high-performance MLP (multi-layer plastic) structures. BOPET film has incredible resource efficiency and weight in the flexible packaging market. Although BOPET film only accounts for 5-10% of the total volume and weight, the percentage performance of packaging structures that rely on the unique combination of BOPET film is much higher. Up to 25% of packaging uses BOPET as a key component.

Anti-Scratch PET Rigid Sheet

Clear PET sheet rolls


The usage of BOPET film
General packaging purposes, such as printing, laminating, aluminizing, coating, etc., mainly used for flexible packaging purposes.Transparent BOPET film is mainly used for: blister, folding box, packaging, printing, card making, high and mid-range tapes, labels, office supplies, collar lining, electronics, insulation, flexible circuit printing, display screensavers, membrane switches, films Window, printing film, imposition base, self-adhesive bottom paper, glue coating, silicon coating, motor gasket, cable tape, instrument panel, capacitor insulation, furniture peeling film, window film, protective film inkjet printing and decoration, etc.

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What kind of BOPET film you can do?
Our main products: BOPET silicone oil film (release film), BOPET light film (original film), BOPET black polyester film, BOPET diffusion film, BOPET matte film, BOPET blue polyester film, BOPET flame-retardant white polyester film , BOPET translucent polyester film, BOPET matt polyester film, etc., are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, power transmission and transformation equipment, packaging materials.

What specification you can do of BOPET film?
Roll diameter:300mm-780mm
Paper Core I.D:3 inch or 6 inch
Special specification can be customized

Performance characteristics
Good transparency, good product flatness, good processing performance, relatively small heat shrinkage

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Technical index

THICKNESS DIN53370 μm 12
Average thickness deviation ASTM D374 % +-
Tensile Strength MD ASTMD882 Mpa 230
TD 240
Break Elangation MD ASTMD882 % 120
TD 110
Heat Shrinkage MD 150℃,30min % 1.8
TD 0
Haze ASTM D1003 % 2.5
Gloss ASTMD2457 % 130
Wetting Tension Treated Side ASTM D2578 Nm/m 52
Untreated Side 40

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