Differences Between Cast Acrylic Sheet And Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Differences Between Cast Acrylic Sheet And Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic polymers, whether formed by casting or extrusion, are synthetic materials that result from the chemical reactions between a monomer and a catalyst, and are often substituted for glass. There are two major kinds of acrylic sheets, i.e., cast acrylic sheets and extruded acrylic sheets. Some differences between these two kinds of acrylic sheets are explained here to help you better know them.

Different Production Processes

Cast acrylic sheet is manufactured by a process that Methyl Methacrylate monomer liquid is pumped into a mold made from two sheets of glass, and the mold is submerged in warm water. As a result, a rigid polymethyl methacrylate sheet, which is called Acrylic is generated. Acrylic has various trade names across the world, such as Perspex in Europe, Plexi or Plexiglas in the USA, Setacryl, Polycryl, etc.

Extruded acrylic sheet is manufactured by a continuous production process whereby acrylic pellets are fed from a containment silo to a feed hopper above an extruder line into the extrusion barrel and are then driven through the barrel.

Their Features and Benefits

Cast acrylic sheet:

Greater range of thickness;

Lightweight and rigid;

Low water absorption;

Good electrical and UV resistivity;

Excellent optical properties;

Easy to fabricate;

Outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight;

Can produce highly polished edge during laser cutting.

Extruded acrylic sheet:

Better tolerance on thickness;

Less expensive than cast acrylic;

Great for high-volume thermoforming applications;

Excellent optical properties;

Good electrical and UV resistivity;

Available as mirror acrylic;

More impact resistant than glass.

Which Kind of Acrylic Sheets Best Suits Your Needs?

To better match your needs and requirements, you should first answer those three questions.

1. What purpose do you plan to use it?

If you plan to buy an acrylic sheet for roofing or greenhouse, the extruded acrylic sheets will work just great. If you want to use the acrylic sheet for products like corporate gifts, trophies, and other products that require shaping, cast acrylic sheets factories recommend you choose cast acrylic sheets.

2. What is your budget?

Cast acrylic sheets should be more transparent and made to a higher degree standard, which makes them more costly than extruded sheets. So extruded sheet is a better choice for you if you have a tight budget, and a cast sheet best suits you if the price is not a problem.

3. What is your requirement for thickness tolerance?

Extruded acrylic sheet has great thickness tolerance, while the thickness tolerance of cast acrylic sheet is ±10% thickness. Choose the sheet that best suits your requirement for thickness.

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