How to reuse APET sheet scrap?

How to reuse APET sheet scrap?

With the continuous development of society, the demand for China APET sheet has increased and wholesale APET sheet is widely used in various industries such as cosmetic industry, food industry and electronic toy industry. APET sheet wholesale scraps can also be used for a variety of purposes, and the correct selection and application of APET sheet scraps is becoming increasingly important in resource recycling. HSQY PLASTIC will briefly introduce how to reuse APET sheet scrap.

APET sheet scrap is inevitably generated during the APET sheet extrusion process and the subsequent APET sheet thermoforming process, and several issues arise in the reuse of these sheets. The main problems include: (1) the irregular size and low bulk density of APET sheets tend to cause blockage in the conveying system; (2) the drying air in the drying hopper flows in the opposite direction of the APET sheets, disturbing the material flow; and (3) pellets are generated when the APET sheets are granulated.

The following methods can be used to solve these problems. Firstly, reduce the size of APET sheet to avoid the blockage of suction tube and weaken the disturbance of drying air to the material flow. Second, adjust the amount of drying air to match the emissions of the drying system. Third, the sharpness and clearance of the pelletizer blades are key factors in particle production, so keep the blades sharp and the clearance between the rotor blades and the fixed blades as small as possible. Last but not least, the APET glass transition temperature starts at about 180℉(82.2℃), depending on its composition. When heated to the glass transition temperature, APET begins to soften, melt and clump, which causes the material to stop flowing in the drying hopper. Therefore, you must crystallize the China APET sheet scrap prior to drying at high temperatures.

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