Important Factors That You Should Know About PVC Foam Board

Important Factors That You Should Know About PVC Foam Board

You may have noticed that PVC foam boards are being used in a wide range of commercial applications. But how much do you know about PVC foam board? Let's take a closer look at PVC foam board.

What Is PVC Foam Board And How Is PVC Foam Board Made?

PVC foam board is a rigid and lightweight form of foam polyvinyl chloride and is widely used for commercial purposes like screen and digital printing, laminating, vinyl lettering, signage, etc. Considering different densities of PVC foam sheet, PVC foam board manufacturers mix the raw ingredients together to make the plastic under controlled conditions, dispense them into a mold, seal and place the mold in a large press where the mold is then heated, expand and cure the material in the hot water bath to reach the final destiny, and cut into sheets of various thicknesses.

Benefits Of PVC Foam Board

PVC foam board has become an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor use, especially for outdoor applications, resulting from its outstanding advantages, such as solid resistance to water due to its composition, high corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and high strength & durability, etc. Moreover, PVC foam board can be provided in any shape to suit your individual needs. Also, it can be painted with any type of paint which lasts for years and gives the look and feel as if it is new!

Commercial Applications Of PVC Foam Board

Because of its excellent strength and durability, PVC foam board has become a perfect alternative to similar materials that may be easy to scratch. Its resistance to chemical damage makes it an ideal plastic compared to other plastics that will be easily damaged when using powerful cleaners.
Signage is the most common use for PVC foam board, specifically for outdoor usage where durability against corrosion is crucial. If you need a sign that can stand the test of time outside, PVC foam boards may be the perfect solution for your demands.
Besides signage, PVC foam boards are mainly used to make ceilings of cars, buses, or trains, make home and office furniture, and build external wall panels, and are used in construction, garage doors, and exhibit spaces.

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