Why RPET versus APET? Some thermoformers and brand owners believe that recycled thermoformed packaging doesn’t have the high optical clarity that virgin APET containers are known for. That myth is dispelled when using EcoStar RPET-F™ rollstock, a material that is amazing...
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    At EcoStar we reclaim curbside collected, post-consumer PETE bottles and thermoforms, recycle and turn them into flake which is decontaminated and sent through an extra purification process  to make our up to 100% post-consumer recycled PET sheet. The resulting rollstock is perfectly suited for a...
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  • PVC Strip Curtains

    PVC Strip Curtains

    Strips of PVC individually hung from stainless, galvanised steel or aluminium track for internal or external use Tailor made to fit door opening Suitable for pedestrian and motorised traffic Visibility and access in both directions Instant energy savings Safe, effective and versatile Easy to mai...
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  • PVC foam board

    PVC foam board

    PVC foam board is a less dense form of traditional PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. It retains many of the same qualities as traditional PVC such as an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, great flame-resistance, and excellent chemical resistance. However, because of its lower density, PVC foam board...
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  • The use of acrylic

    The use of acrylic

    Acrylic is a transparent plastic that have gained widespread use because it’s ability replace the glass. In everyday products it is particular used for signs, sales displays, roof windows, lenses and screens. But also for demanding constructions such as windows in submarines and fiber optic...
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  • Cast Acrylic Sheet

    Cast Acrylic Sheet

    Cast Acrylic Sheet is made of the MMA as a raw material, with its moldable material, light weight nature, high impact resistance, easy to clean and maintain features, it is widely used on many fields. Such as the Building Construction, Home Furniture, Displays etc.  Our company HSQY is specializ...
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  • Anti-fog sheet

    Anti-fog sheet

    Product Description:  1.PET is a degradable environmentally friendly packaging material. Non-toxic, no problem for food packing.  2.There is no damage acused of packing   3.Easy for processing due to good plasticity, which is suitable for die cutting, vacuum forming and folding  4.Moreover the sh...
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  • PVC Flexible Film

    PVC Flexible Film

    Clear marine grade PVC film is very flexible and durable. It has been specifically developed for outdoor use as windows, whether on dry land, near water or on watercraft. This PVC film can be sewn through but it is also tough enough to stand up to heavy use. The PVC compound used to make the mari...
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  • Acrylic Sheet

    Acrylic Sheet

    Acrylic, also called PMMA, derived from English acrylic (acrylic plastic).Chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate.It is a kind of development early important plasticity polymer materials, has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing, nice appeara...
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  • How to make room look good?

    How to make room look good?

    Home is the warmest harbor in our heart. We all hope to feel comfortable and sweet every day when we come back home from company. At night, we feel warm only through light. Modern lamps are not only the effect of illumination, and also the role of decoration. Lamps and lanterns in different patt...
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  • PVC Binding Cover

    PVC Binding Cover

    When steping into the society of fierce competion, have you ever missed your studenthood? What is the representative symbol of school days? It is definitely notebook. When we were students, we studied every day and have to finish lots of tasks for higher academic record. So notebook carries our...
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  • Do you like summer? You don’t like it?

    Do you like summer? You don’t like it?

      When summer comes, many people will be sad and unhappy, complaining about the hot weather. They would rather stay at home than walk out. Outdoor exercise becomes less and less. Also for somebody, they look forward the coming of summer because swimming in the summer seems to be a perfect en...
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