What is PETG?

What is PETG?

PETG / Spectar® Co-polyester sheet is a thermoplastic sheet used in engineering applications. PETG offers the capability to produce complex shapes, precise details, deep draws and compound curves without worrying about durability. It’s easily formed, die-cut and punched. It brings increased design freedom and lower fabrication costs. In sheet form, PETG has the impact strength and fabrication ease that acrylic can’t touch, with the durability to significantly reduce packaging and shipping costs.

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PETG Sheet Features:

High Impact Strength

Good clarity

Easily formed, die-cut & punched.

Available in Generic Clear of Vivak®

Also available in PETG Mirror

PETG applications:

Thanks to its easy thermoforming and chemical resistance, PETG has many uses. It is commonly used in single use and reusable drinking bottles, cooking oil containers, and FDA-compliant food storage containers. However, PETG is also found across the medical field; its rigid structure allows it to survive harsh sterilization processes, making it a perfect material to be used in medical implants, as well as pharmaceutical and medical device packaging.


PETG is an excellent material to use in modern 3D printers, and is quickly becoming a favorite among the community as it becomes more accessible. With the correct print settings, PETG filament prints easily, has excellent layer adhesion, and is odorless while it prints. It also has very low shrinkage properties, which enables larger prints than materials like PLA or ABS. At the same time, it’s extremely strong and has great chemical resistance. This allows it to print objects that can sustain high temperature, food-safe applications, and exceptional impact.

Diving deeper, PETG plastic is often the material of choice for point-of-sale stands and other retail displays. Since it’s easy to manufacture in a wide range of shapes and colors, businesses often turn to PETG material for eye-catching signage that attracts customers. Plus, the added benefit of easy printing helps make customized, intricate imagery an affordable option.

Post time: Mar-24-2021