Why are PVC Films Frequently Used in Industrial Applications

Why are PVC Films Frequently Used in Industrial Applications

PVC film, also known as vinyl film, is a thin thermoplastic film available various in various forms and can be divided into rigid and flexible PVC film. This versatile material has been widely used in various industrial applications.

Reasons to choose PVC film
PVC film offers its unique advantages, enabling it to become popular in industrial applications. Here HSQY PLASTIC GROUP explains the major 5 benefits of PVC film.

Operational and environmental safety
PVC film, a kind of non-toxic material, has been successfully tested for environmental effects and meets various domestic and international health and safety standards.

PVC film is highly durable and displays excellent resistance to damage under harsh environmental conditions such as corrosive chemicals, abrasion, shock, and impact.

Fire resistance
PVC film is highly resistant to fire due to its high chlorine content, so it does not ignite easily or produce a great deal of heat when burned. But it can emit harmful chemicals when burned, so the operators who handle PVC film involving high temperatures should take proper precautions to reduce the risk of adverse health effects.

According to PVC film manufacturers, PVC film has low manufacturing costs and is easy to be processed into desired shapes and sizes, thus making it a cost-effective material for industrial applications.

PVC film does not conduct electricity, so it’s suitable for use as an insulator in industrial and mechanical components and buildings.

Major applications of PVC film
PVC film is a form of PVC used in a variety of applications in the health care, building and construction, electronics, automobile, and other sectors, and the following major three applications are listed.

Furniture and supply covers
PVC film is an excellent product to manufacture weatherproof and easy-to-maintain furniture and supply covers.

Waterproof enclosures and products
The exceptional durability and water resistance of PVC film make it an excellent material for outdoor and indoor waterproof enclosures and products, such as canopies, tents, and shower curtains.

Packaging materials
Both rigid and flexible PVC film is used to manufacture packaging materials. The flexible film can be used to create tamper-resistant seals for products, while the rigid film is suitable for packaging materials such as clamshells.

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